Scott Benedict is the author of Immediate Immersion™ Spanish 1. He has been a teacher for twelve years and has been using TPRS® as his principal mode of instruction for nearly all of them.

Starting out as a teacher on an Emergency Permit, Scott had no clue how to teach and reverted to teaching how he was taught in high school—the textbook. He quickly realized that not only were his students disengaged, he was also bored, so he struggled to find something better. During winter break, he discovered TPRS® and learned everything he could about it.

Most beginners of TPRS® take their time implementing TPRS® into their lessons, slowly adding it piece by piece until they feel comfortable. Scott is not like most and decided to go in whole hog starting second semester. The students loved it and so did he. His principal thought what was going on in the classroom to be amazing and the kids were all actively engaged.

But it’s not like Scott to sit on his laurels. At the end of his first year of teaching he realized a disheartening divide between what his students could do in Spanish and their grades. Many students who had high abilities in the language had low grades and many who had lower abilities had higher grades. Ever since, he has worked on his own version of a standards-based grading system he calls Power Grading™. It has taken many years to work out all of the kinks, but after 11 years of tinkering, it works pretty well matching students’ true abilities with a meaningful grade that matches.

Since 2008, Scott has also presented hundreds of workshops, webinars, and online classes all over the United States and Mexico. He has presented on TPRS®, his Power Grading™ system, and personalization, among other comprehensible-input techniques at the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching, the iFLT Conference, Carol Gaab’s Multicultural Conference, the National TPRS® Conference, as well as for various school districts through his professional-development company teachforjune Workshops. He also presents for Blaine Ray Workshops during the summer months.

Unhappy with the current textbook and even TPRS® curriculums available, two years ago, Scott began to create his own curriculum for his classroom based on the most frequent Spanish vocabulary. Pairing this with high-frequency grammatical structures and a high-level of personalization, Immediate Immersion™ was born. However, he didn’t want to create just another textbook. Instead, he has adapted what he does in his classroom into an innovative, customizable curriculum that can be personalized to any classroom and truly engages students while immersing them in the language.

If you want to know more, have any questions, comments, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact him. He’d love to hear from you!