An innovative, versatile, customizable, RELEVANT TPRS® curriculum.


Immediate Immersion™ is a new and innovative TPRS® curriculum focused on delivering the most frequent vocabulary and structures integrated with culture at every level.


Using Routledge Frequency Dictionaries as a basis for choosing vocabulary for Immediate Immersion™ allows us to focus on the core 400-1000 vocabulary items that are necessary to communicate every day. By focusing on this essential vocabulary, students are equipped at each level with the most frequent vocabulary of the language rather than being burdened with often-useless, memorized lists of hundreds of vocabulary words. In addition, students will be exposed to words beyond the top 1000 as a working passive vocabulary through extensive reading opportunities. Although this vocabulary may not be an active part of a student’s language abilities, students will recognize this vocabulary when it is used in context in conversations and in reading.


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Immediate Immersion™ is INNOVATIVE.

Immediate Immersion™ is an innovative TPRS® text that utilizes PowerPoint® or Keynote® to project the student-lesson slides on your screen or SMART Board getting students’ noses out of the book and immersed in language acquisition. As teachers we know that students don’t acquire a language by reading about it. Students acquire language by being immersed in the language and making meaning of what they experience within context. By taking the lessons out of the book, Immediate Immersion™ gets students to actively engage in language maximizing acquisition.


Immediate Immersion™ is VERSATILE.

Immediate Immersion™ is a versatile TPRS® text that adapts to the traditional, standard-block, or 4×4-block schedules. Also because of the PowerPoint® or Keynote® format, you can rearrange lesson components to suit your class’ needs. Because of the nature of the Immediate Immersion™ format, it is extremely adaptable to a wide variety of schedules and classroom settings. Block schedule one day and traditional the next? No problem. Assembly, fire drill, minimum day? No problem. Immediate Immersion™ adapts to the way you work, the way your students learn, and fits within the time frames you do.


Immediate Immersion™ is CUSTOMIZABLE.

Immediate Immersion™ is a customizable TPRS® text that allows you to change, add, or remove specific lesson components to accomodate a modified schedule, personal interests, student interests, or to address your class’ specific needs. With traditional textbooks, you’re locked into the lessons, the vocabulary, the structures, the culture the textbook publishers want you to teach. It takes a lot of work to work around the restrictions and limitations of traditional textbooks. With Immediate Immersion’s innovative PowerPoint®/Keynote® format, you are in control. Don’t like the vocabulary? Change it. Have a great lesson you want to use? Add it. Don’t like a particular activity? Remove it. Immediate Immersion™ is meant to be customized and personalized to the needs of you, your classroom, and your students. Now that’s differentiated instruction.


Immediate Immersion™ is RELEVANT.

Immediate Immersion™ is a relevant TPRS® text that concentrates on the most frequent vocabulary, structures, and culture paired with a high-level of student personalization that invigorates, engages, and immerses students in the language. Students want to learn. They want to make connections. And they are more savvy than ever before. They’re no longer happy just sitting in the classroom and learning what the teacher teaches. They want to know how what they are learning is relevant to them and the world that they live in now. By taking the time to get to know your students and personalizing the language to make it more relevant to them, students will be able to make the connections that make learning a language more than a class, and become life-long second-language speakers.



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Immediate Immersion™ Curriculum Components

  • Student-Lesson Slides

    The student-lesson slides come in either PowerPoint® or Keynote® formats. They are intended to be projected on a screen or on your SMART Board. Each slide covers one classroom activity and with each advance, guides both the teacher and the student through the day’s lessons. Organized weekly, the lesson components can be rearranged, modified, added, or removed as the teacher deems necessary to meet the needs of their students. Daily activities include warm-up activities, free voluntary reading, vocabulary, practice quizzes, stories, readings, story strips, brain-break activities, self-reflection questions, and much, much more. The lessons are thorough, as well as engaging, and include everything to move students through a comprehensible-input-based learning environment.

  • Teacher’s Manual

    The teacher’s manual is a complete guide to not only the TPRS® method, but also explains each activity thoroughly, guiding both the novice and the experienced alike through each day’s lesson. The teacher’s manual includes detailed notes and teaching suggestions, story scripts, and a set of vocabulary flash cards to assist the teacher in running various vocabulary practices with their students. Along with these essential components, weekly lesson plans are also provided for traditional, standard-block, and 4×4-block schedules to assist the teacher with their weekly, short-term, and long-term planning.

  • Culture Package

    The culture package includes 12 cultural lessons that can be inserted into the student-lesson slides as appropriate. These lessons include major holidays, customs, traditions products, geographical facts, as well as interesting and unusual cultural facts.

  • Assessment Package

    The assessment package is heavily based on a standards-based grading approach includes both formative and summative assessments, measuring the students’ abilities in the areas of listening and reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and cultural knowledge. With the exception of level 1, each quarter contains 2 listening, 2 reading, 2 writing, 2 speaking, and 2 culture formative assessments (quizzes) along with 1 summative (test/exam) that includes listening, reading, writing, speaking, and culture sections that comprehensively assesses all previously taught material. Because we do not want to force production in level-1 students too early, writing and speaking are not assessed during the first quarter.

  • Homework Package

    The homework package includes weekly homework assignments practicing the four skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) along with vocabulary. Audio files are provided for the listening activities and vocabulary is practiced via an online site called Quizlet.com. Whether you choose to assign homework or not, you’ll have a comprehensive collection of assignments that will allow you to extend the comprehensible-input beyond the classroom and have your students do work that actually practices the language rather than their fill-in-the-blank and guessing skills.