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    Beth Tudor

    Would it be possible to have larger flashcards, or to have them on word format so that they can be edited?

    Are there plans to have the recordings for homework and tests done by a native French speaker/speakers?

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    Hi, Beth!

    Unfortunately, I don’t use word, so they’ll never be available in word format. What would you like to edit?

    May I ask why you need larger flashcards? That will help me better understand your situation.

    The flashcards are not meant for the students but for the teacher. I use them to go through the various vocabulary when I do TPR. This way I make sure I’m not missing any. For that purpose, large ones aren’t necessary because they aren’t meant to be read from across the room, but rather as little notes for the teacher.

    If you let me know how you’re thinking of using them, I might be able to answer better.

    Thank you!

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    Beth Tudor

    Thank you. I misunderstood how the flashcards were meant to be used.

    Also are there plans for the recordings to be done by a native French speaker?

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    There are plans, but it will be down the line. We are not at the point of being able to afford professional, native-speaker voiceovers.

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