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Immediate Immersion — An innovative, versatile, customizable, RELEVANT CI curriculum.

Redefine Language Learning: Immediate Immersion Breaks the Mold!

Ditch the Textbook, Embrace the Transformation

Step into the future of language learning with Immediate Immersion – the game-changing CI curriculum designed for today’s dynamic classrooms.

Say goodbye to traditional, static teaching methods and hello to an innovative approach that brings language to life.

With Immediate Immersion, you’re not just teaching a language; you’re crafting unforgettable learning experiences. Powered by Terry Waltz's Super Verbs and Mike Peto's Sweet 16, this curriculum goes beyond the book, integrating culture and high-frequency vocabulary to maximize student engagement and proficiency.

Whether you're navigating a 4×4-block schedule or adapting to the unexpected, Immediate Immersion offers the flexibility and customization you need to meet your students where they are.

Ready to revolutionize your teaching and inspire your students?

Immediate Immersion is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities in language education. Dive in and watch your classroom transform.

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The Agent Workshop
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Customizable, Relevant, Unforgettable:

The Immediate Immersion Difference

Break the Mold:

Immediate Immersion Makes Language Stick!

Engage, Excite, and Elevate Language Learning.

  • Supercharged Engagement:
    Kick boredom to the curb! Immediate Immersion turns every lesson into an interactive language adventure with tech-savvy slides. Your students won’t just learn; they’ll live the language.

  • Flex Like a Boss:
    No schedule too tricky, no day too unpredictable. Immediate Immersion adapts to fit your world, making sure learning never misses a beat.

  • Tailor-Made to Perfection:
    Make the curriculum yours. Swap, tweak, and tailor lessons to hit the sweet spot for every student. Your class, your rules.

  • Maximize Comprehensible Input:
    Tap into the power of Super Verbs and high-frequency vocab. Immediate Immersion is your fast track to fluency, packing every moment with value.

  • Relevance is Key:
    Connect the dots between language and life. Immediate Immersion makes learning resonate, turning students into eager, global communicators.

Say Goodbye to Boring Lessons:

Immediate Immersion Sparks Language Revolution!

Ready to electrify your classroom?

Immediate Immersion is the charge you need.

Don’t Just Teach Language, Unleash It:

Grab Your Free Sample Now!

See the Difference, Make the Difference: Free Sample Inside.

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Spanish 2
Spanish 3
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Innovation Meets Instruction:

The Future of Language Learning is Here!

Immediate Immersion isn't just language teaching; it's handing your students the key to unlock the globe!



Immediate Immersion flips the script on traditional CI texts! We're talking game-changing PowerPoint® or Keynote® slides blasting onto your screens or SMART Boards, pulling students away from the snooze-fest of textbook learning straight into the deep end of language immersion. Let's get real—language isn't learned from just reading about it. It's about diving headfirst into the experience, living it, breathing it, making sense of it all in real-time. Immediate Immersion is all about ditching the book and sparking that active language engagement, cranking up the dial on acquisition. This is how you make language stick.



Immediate Immersion isn't just any CI text—it's your classroom's Swiss Army knife. Whether you're juggling traditional, standard-block, or 4×4-block schedules, this powerhouse adapts with the smoothness of PowerPoint® or Keynote® slides. Want to mix things up? Rearrange lessons with a few clicks to match your class vibe. This isn't about sticking to one path; it's about flexibility on steroids. Block schedule flips to traditional overnight? Hit with a surprise assembly or drill? Immediate Immersion™ rolls with the punches, morphing to fit your ever-changing world. We're talking about a curriculum that gets your schedule, understands your teaching groove, and slots right into the chaos of school life without missing a beat.



Immediate Immersion cranks up the volume on customization in your CI game. This isn't just another textbook; it's a game-changer. You've got the power to tweak, toss, or totally revamp lesson components to fit your unique teaching style, interests, and the dynamic needs of your students. Stuck with a rigid textbook? Forget about it. Immediate Immersion hands you the keys with its slick PowerPoint®/Keynote® setup. Vocabulary not hitting the mark? Swap it out. Found an epic lesson that's a must-share? Slide it in. Activity not sparking joy? Kick it to the curb. This is all about crafting a learning experience that's as unique as your classroom vibe. You're driving the bus here, steering towards a world where instruction isn't just tailored—it's downright bespoke. Welcome to the era of teaching that truly gets it.


Immediate Immersion is where relevance meets language learning head-on. We're talking about zeroing in on the vocab, structures, and cultural insights that matter most, all while dialing up personalization to match your students' vibe. Let's be real: students today crave connection, relevance, and engagement. They're not just sitting back; they're eager to dive into how what they're learning meshes with their world, their life. Immediate Immersion is about getting on their level, customizing the content to light up those connections, making language learning not just another class but a journey to becoming fluent, engaged global citizens. When you take the time to tailor the experience, language learning transforms. It becomes alive, meaningful, and sticks for the long haul. That's the Immediate Immersion promise.

Immediate Immersion:

The No-BS Guide to Language Mastery

Unlock True Engagement: Personalize, Connect, Conquer.

Cut through the clutter of traditional methods. This is your playbook for making language stick, no excuses, just results.

Unlock the Power of Language:

Dive Deep, Not Wide, with Immediate Immersion!

Build Bonds, Master the Mighty Super Verbs, and Expand with High-Frequency Vocab. Less Is More Here, Folks!

Scott's students reading comprensible novels

Ever start a language course and feel like it's just another name-and-numbers game?

Not here.

With Immediate Immersion, we flip the script from day one. We're not just teaching language; we're using it as a tool to dive deep into who your students are, building unbreakable bonds right from the get-go. Then, we get down to business with the Super Verbs and the Sweet 16, ramping up the complexity as your students level up. Why? Because mastering these essentials gives your students a rock-solid foundation, a launchpad to skyrocket their proficiency.

But wait, there’s more!

We sprinkle in high-frequency vocabulary to season the mix perfectly. This approach isn’t just by the book; it’s by decades of boots-on-the-ground teaching wisdom. We’ve seen it time and time again: less truly is more.

By focusing on what matters most, your students won’t just learn; they’ll remember. They’ll carry what they’ve learned with them, not just through the school year, but through life.

So, if you're ready to see your students genuinely thrive in their language journey, Immediate Immersion is your golden ticket.

Let's make learning unforgettable, one essential verb at a time!

Teach Like a Pro:

Immediate Immersion’s Playbook for Language Legends

No More Benchwarmers: Activate Every Student’s Potential.

Get the strategies, the tools, and the mindset to take your teaching from good to legendary.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't!

270 Pages of CI Gold, Customizable Slides, Cultural Deep-Dives, Story Scripts, and More

– Immediate Immersion Packs the Punch!

Immediate Immersion Example Pages

Complete and Detailed Teacher’s Manual (PDF)

Immediate Immersion’s Teacher’s Manual is 270 pages explaining how to implement CI in the classroom, how to set up a proficiency-based grading and assessment program, detailed explanations of every activity in the curriculum, how to build your lesson plans, brain breaks, classroom procedures, and much, much more.

Classroom Lesson Slides

Immediate Immersion’s Lesson Slides are built with Google Slides and are meant to be projected during class to guide you and the students through each lesson. The Lesson Slides are 100% editable and customizable so you can make them your own and include every aspect of the day’s lesson.

Cultural Units

Immediate Immersion’s Cultural Units are comprised of both Google Slides and cultural readings. They are meant to be delivered in the target language and just like all student materials, they are 100% editable by the teacher.

Story Scripts

Immediate Immersion’s Story Scripts are simple, basic skeleton frameworks on which you and your class will build a story. They are based on Anne Matava’s style of story scripts and are easy to implement in the classroom.

Homework/In-Class Activities

Immediate Immersion’s Activities can be used in class or given as homework assignments. They include Quizlet Sets, as well as listening and reading activities (complete with audio files). They come in an easy-to-edit format.

Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking Assessments

Immediate Immersion’s Assessments are all profiency-based listening, reading, writing, and speaking assessments. They include appropriate rubrics, are based on ACTFL standards including the different modes of communication, and are 100% customizable to you and your students.

Lesson Target Posters

We include Lesson Target Posters that you can print, laminate, and post on your board during your daily lessons. They tell you and your students what the goal for the day’s lesson is and keep you and your class on target.

Question Word Posters

No CI Classroom is complete without a set of Question Word Posters. Print them out, laminate them, and post in a prominent place on your wall so that you can refer to them regularly as you ask questions throughout your lessons.

Immediate Immersion Example Pages

Immediate Immersion:

The Ultimate Hack for Language Teaching Success

From Zero to Hero: Transform Your Classroom with Immediate Immersion.

This is not just another curriculum. It’s your secret sauce, your edge in creating a classroom where every student thrives.


If you have a question we haven’t answered, please contact us right away!

Frequently-Asked Questions

What if this doesn't fit my teaching style?

Let's break it down: Immediate Immersion is like the Swiss Army knife of language teaching. It's designed to flex, bend, and adapt to YOU. Think of it not just as a curriculum but as your personal teaching partner, ready to match your unique vibe and approach.

Is this just another textbook trap?

Heck no! We're throwing the old textbook playbook out the window. Immediate Immersion is your escape route to a world where language learning is alive, interactive, and genuinely engaging. It’s all about getting students off their seats and into the language, minus the yawn-fest.

Will it really work for my diverse classroom?

Absolutely! Diversity is our middle name. Whether you've got a room full of eager beavers or shy turtles, this curriculum molds to each student's pace and style. It's like having a custom suit: tailored to perfection for every single learner.

Can I integrate this with tech in my classroom?

Are you kidding? This was born for tech integration! PowerPoint®, Keynote®, SMART Boards – you name it, Immediate Immersion is ready to rock and roll with whatever gadgets you’ve got. It’s the 21st-century way to teach language.

What if my schedule is as unpredictable as the weather?

Then Immediate Immersion is your new best friend. Assembly? Fire drill? Surprise day off? No sweat. This curriculum is like water; it flows with your schedule, no matter how erratic it gets. Flexibility is its superpower.

Do I need to be a tech wizard to use this?

Nope! If you can click a mouse, you’re all set. Immediate Immersion is plug-and-play, designed for ease of use so you can focus on teaching, not troubleshooting. It's all the magic without the tech headaches.

Is it going to be relevant to my students?

100%! We're all about making language learning relatable. This curriculum taps into what students care about, making connections that turn 'have to learn' into 'want to learn'. It’s the bridge between their world and the language.

What if I need to tweak or change things up?

Then tweak away! Immediate Immersion is as customizable as your playlist. Don’t like a lesson? Change it. Got a killer lesson idea? Add it. This curriculum is your canvas; paint it the way you want.

How do I know it'll deliver real language acquisition?

Because it’s built on the rock-solid foundations of comprehensible input and backed by the real-world experience of language teachers. This isn’t theoretical fluff; it’s the real deal, designed to get your students genuinely communicating.

What's the support like if I hit a roadblock?

Imagine having a pit crew for your teaching journey; that’s us. From tech hiccups to pedagogical ponderings, we’re here to fuel your ride with Immediate Immersion. Support is just a shout away, ready to get you back on track.

Does Immediate Immersion have a scope and sequence?

Scope and Sequence? Nah, We're Changing the Game with Immediate Immersion's Guaranteed Curriculum!

Forget the old-school 'what and when' playbook. Here at Immediate Immersion, we're all about flexing to the real rhythm of learning. Why? Because we get it – students don't operate on a one-size-fits-all timeline. That's why we've ditched the traditional scope and sequence for something way cooler: a Guaranteed Curriculum.

What's that mean? It means we're committed to what's taught in each level, but we're not chained to the calendar. We know teaching magic happens when you're in tune with your students, not just the clock. So, we empower teachers to move forward when their students are truly ready, creating a vibe that's more about growth than dates. Realistic? Absolutely. Effective? You bet. Welcome to the future of language learning with Immediate Immersion!

What themes are covered by Immediate Immersion?

Themes? Nope, Immediate Immersion is All About Frequency Over Themes!

Here's the deal with Immediate Immersion – we're not playing by the old thematic playbook. Why? Because we're obsessed with giving you and your students the real deal, the words and structures that light up modern spoken and written language like a billboard in Times Square.

Our game plan? We prioritize. We focus on the heavy-hitters of vocabulary, the MVPs of structures, and the all-stars of culture that are actually used out there in the wild. Sure, you'll see theme-related vocab making a cameo, but we don't box them into themes. We're all about what's used most, making sure every word and every lesson packs a punch. That's how we roll at Immediate Immersion!

How is Immediate Immersion delivered?

Immediate Immersion? It's All Digital, Baby!

Let's cut straight to the chase: Immediate Immersion is your digital powerhouse for language learning. We're talking every component, apart from the teacher’s manual, delivered straight to your digital doorstep via Google Docs. Why? Flexibility, customization, and ease – that's why.

You get to display, tweak, and print* anything and everything directly from your computer to vibe perfectly with your students' needs. And the teacher's manual? It's yours in PDF glory.

But here's the kicker: Your manual is your manual. Print it for your eyes only, but when it comes to sharing, let's keep it one license per teacher (psst...we’ve got deals for bulk licenses in your school/district, so hit us up).

And for the cherry on top? All those student readings, assessments, and homework gems can be printed as needed for your crew under one license. Keeping it tight, keeping it right – each teacher needs their own license to join this party.

How long does it take to teach each lesson?

Listen Up: It's Not a Race, It's a Marathon with Immediate Immersion.

Here’s the real deal: Each lesson in Immediate Immersion? We're talking a solid week to two weeks of pure language gold for those daily 45-60 minute class sessions. Rushing? Forget about it. This curriculum isn’t about speeding through; it’s about syncing with the beat of your students' learning pace.

The secret sauce? Teach at the rhythm your students groove to, and watch them soar. It's not about how fast you get through the material; it's about how well your students latch onto it. So, let's focus on making every minute count, not counting every minute.

Does Immediate Immersion have everything I need?

Got Everything You Need with Immediate Immersion? Heck Yeah, Almost!

Let's break it down: Immediate Immersion is your heavyweight champion, packing a punch with everything from the teacher's manual to lesson slides, cultural deep-dives, assessments, and those crucial listening/reading activities for class or homework. It's like your all-in-one gym membership for language teaching muscle.

But, and there’s always a but, you're gonna need to add some tunes to your playlist. For Spanish maestros, Sr. Wooly is your go-to DJ. And novels? Absolutely essential. We're talking two per level to really beef up those comprehension gains. Where to find them? Hit up,,, and for the best of the best in comprehensible readers.

Immediate Immersion's got your back, but remember, it's about mixing the perfect teaching cocktail. Add in those tunes and novels, and you're golden.

For what ages is Immediate Immersion appropriate?

Who's Immediate Immersion For? Middle and High Schoolers, That's Who!

Listen up, Immediate Immersion is like that high-energy, all-in, no-nonsense coach tailored for the middle and high school crowd. We're talking grades 6 through 12. It's designed to get those young minds fired up and fluent, pushing boundaries from the locker room talks of sixth grade all the way to those senior year deep dives.

Now, for the little champs in elementary? Not the best fit. Immediate Immersion plays in the big leagues, where the gameplay is all about tackling the complexities and nuances perfect for those tween and teen brainwaves.

So, if you're coaching in the middle or high school language game, Immediate Immersion is your MVP. For the younger kids, let's find them a league of their own.

What grammar is taught in Immediate Immersion?

Immediate Immersion's Grammar Game: Stealth Mode!

Alright, let’s get real about grammar in Immediate Immersion. We’re not about that old-school, drill-it-till-you-kill-it grammar life. No way. We’re riding the wave of what research has been shouting at us: Grammar sticks when it’s wrapped up in real, meaningful language use, not when it’s just a list of rules to memorize.

So here’s the deal: Immediate Immersion doesn’t waste time on explicit grammar lessons. Nope. We dive straight into the action, where grammar is the invisible force guiding the journey. It’s all about context, baby. Think of it as learning to ride a bike by actually riding the bike, not sitting in a classroom talking about it.

But don’t sweat, we’ve got a roadmap: Level one is all about getting comfy with present and past tense – the essentials, right? Then, level two ups the game, bringing the preterit and imperfect tenses into the mix, showing the nuances of storytelling. By the time you hit level three, you’re playing with the big guns – future, conditional, and dipping your toes into the simple subjunctive.

In short, Immediate Immersion teaches grammar like a ninja – you’re learning and using it without even realizing. It’s all about making meaningful connections with the language, not just ticking off grammar checkboxes.

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