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"Reflections" Guide

Learning to self-reflect is an important skill in life and in the language classroom, reflecting on learning is extremely insightful.

"Reflections" Guide

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Hi, I'm Scott.

I'm a teacher just like you!

I've been using comprehension-based methods to teach language for over 20 years.

And over the years, I've discovered the profound impact of using student reflections as a feedback tool in the language classroom.

I've seen how reflection not only deepens students' understanding of the material but also provides invaluable feedback to me as an teacher.

In my classroom, reflections have become more than just a task; they're a journey into the minds of my students.

I've learned to guide them in articulating their learning experiences, challenges, and achievements.

This process has not only enhanced their language skills but also given me insights into how they process and engage with the material.

My "Reflections" guide is a culmination of these experiences, offering strategies to effectively incorporate reflective practices in your teaching.

Happy reflecting!


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