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Writing & Speaking Rubrics

Assess speaking and writing quick and easy with these simple rubrics!

Writing & Speaking Rubrics

Struggling with Assessing Language Skills Consistently?

Enhance Your Evaluations with Our 'Writing & Speaking Rubrics' – Get Them for Free!

Hi, I'm Scott.

I'm a teacher just like you!

I've been using comprehension-based methods to teach language for over 20 years.

Through my years of teaching, I've learned the value of clear and effective assessment tools, especially in language classes.

One of the challenges I've faced is assessing speaking and writing skills accurately and efficiently.

That's where my speaking and writing rubrics come in – they've been a game-changer in my classroom.

These rubrics are the result of countless hours of refinement to ensure they're user-friendly and provide precise criteria for evaluating student performance.

They not only save time but also offer students clear feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement.

Implementing these rubrics has streamlined my assessment process, allowing me to focus more on teaching and less on the complexities of grading.

In my "Speaking & Writing Rubrics" guide, I share these tools along with tips on how to effectively integrate them into your language teaching, ensuring fair and constructive evaluation of your students' skills.



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