Immediate Immersion—Language-Immersion Naturally.
An innovative, versatile, customizable, RELEVANT TPRS® curriculum.


Immediate Immersion™ is an innovative TPRS® text that utilizes PowerPoint® or Keynote® to project the student-lesson slides on your screen or SMART Board getting students’ noses out of the book and immersed in language acquisition.
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Immediate Immersion™ is a versatile TPRS® text that adapts to the traditional, standard-block, or 4×4-block schedules. Also because of the PowerPoint® or Keynote® format, you can rearrange lesson components to suit your class’ needs.
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Immediate Immersion™ is a customizable TPRS® text that allows you to change, add, or remove specific lesson components to accomodate a modified schedule, personal interests, student interests, or to address your class’ specific needs.
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Immediate Immersion™ is a relevant TPRS® text that concentrates on the most frequent vocabulary, structures, and culture paired with a high-level of student personalization that invigorates, engages, and immerses students in the language.
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