Immediate Immersion

An innovative, versatile, customizable, RELEVANT CI curricula.

Immediate Immersion is an innovative CI curricula focused on delivering the most frequent vocabulary and structures integrated with culture at every level.

Spanish & French CI Curricula

Immediate Immersion contains 24 lessons based on Terry Waltz’s Super Verbs and Mike Peto’s Sweet 16 Verbs along with high-frequency vocabulary to maximize efficiency in providing comprehensible input to students.

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Immediate Immersion™ is an innovative CI text that utilizes PowerPoint® or Keynote® to project the student-lesson slides on your screen or SMART Board getting students’ noses out of the book and immersed in language acquisition. As teachers we know that students don’t acquire a language by reading about it. Students acquire language by being immersed in the language and making meaning of what they experience within context. By taking the lessons out of the book, Immediate Immersion™ gets students to actively engage in language maximizing acquisition.



Immediate Immersion™ is a versatile CI text that adapts to the traditional, standard-block, or 4×4-block schedules. Also because of the PowerPoint® or Keynote® format, you can rearrange lesson components to suit your class’ needs. Because of the nature of the Immediate Immersion™ format, it is extremely adaptable to a wide variety of schedules and classroom settings. Block schedule one day and traditional the next? No problem. Assembly, fire drill, minimum day? No problem. Immediate Immersion™ adapts to the way you work, the way your students learn,and fits within the time frames you do.



Immediate Immersion™ is a customizable CI text that allows you to change, add, or remove specific lesson components to accommodate a modified schedule, personal interests, student interests, or to address your class’ specific needs. With traditional textbooks, you’re locked into the lessons, the vocabulary, the structures, the culture the textbook publishers want you to teach. It takes a lot of work to work around the restrictions and limitations of traditional textbooks. With Immediate Immersion’s innovative PowerPoint®/Keynote® format, you are in control. Don’t like the vocabulary? Change it. Have a great lesson you want to use? Add it. Don’t like a particular activity? Remove it. Immediate Immersion™ is meant to be customized and personalized to the needs of you, your classroom, and your students. Now that’s differentiated instruction.



Immediate Immersion™ is a relevant CI text that concentrates on the most frequent vocabulary, structures, and culture paired with a high-level of student personalization that invigorates, engages, and immerses students in the language. Students want to learn. They want to make connections. And they are more savvy than ever before. They’re no longer happy just sitting in the classroom and learning what the teacher teaches. They want to know how what they are learning is relevant to them and the world that they live in now. By taking the time to get to know your students and personalizing the language to make it more relevant to them, students will be able to make the connections that make learning a language more than a class, and become life-long second-language speakers.

Students reading in class

All Immediate Immersion curricula start off by using the language to get to know students and build relationships.

We then move on to working with the Super Verbs and the Sweet 16 increasing the complexity with each level.

We believe that basing a curriculum on these essential verbs gives all students a solid foundation on which to grow their proficiency.

And from there, we add in additional high-frequency vocabulary to round out the curriculum.

We know from experience that teaching less, the students learn so much more, remembering nearly everything they learned even after long breaks. We also know from experience, that when we teach too much, students remember very little.

What’s Included?

Complete and Detailed Teacher’s Manual (PDF)

Immediate Immersion’s Teacher’s Manual
is 270 pages explaining how to implement CI in the classroom, how to set up a proficiency-based grading and assessment program, detailed explanations of every activity in the curriculum, how to build your lesson plans, brain breaks, classroom procedures, and much, much more.

Classroom Lesson Slides

Immediate Immersion’s Lesson Slides
are built with Google Slides and are meant to be projected during class to guide you and the students through each lesson. The Lesson Slides are 100% editable and customizable so you can make them your own and include every aspect of the day’s lesson.

Cultural Units

Immediate Immersion’s Cultural Units are comprised of both Google Slides and cultural readings. They are meant to be delivered in the target language and just like all student materials, they are 100% editable by the teacher.

Story Scripts

Immediate Immersion’s Story Scripts are simple, basic skeleton frameworks on which you and your class will build a story. They are based on Anne Matava’s style of story scripts and are easy to implement in the classroom.

Homework/In-Class Activities

Immediate Immersion’s Activities can be used in class or given as homework assignments. They include Quizlet Sets, as well as listening and reading activities (complete with audio files). They come in an easy-to-edit format.

Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking Assessments

Immediate Immersion’s Assessments are all profiency-based listening, reading, writing, and speaking assessments. They include appropriate rubrics, are based on ACTFL standards including the different modes of communication, and are 100% customizable to you and your students.

Lesson Target Posters

We include Lesson Target Posters that you can print, laminate, and post on your board during your daily lessons. They tell you and your students what the goal for the day’s lesson is and keep you and your class on target.

Question Word Posters

No CI Classroom is complete without a set of
Question Word Posters. Print them out, laminate them, and post in a prominent place on your wall so that you can refer to them regularly as you ask questions throughout your lessons.


If you have a question we haven’t answered, please contact us right away!

Does Immediate Immersion have a scope and sequence?

Not exactly! A scope and sequence not only tells you what will be taught, but also when. We know that students don’t always learn within a specific time frame and so we’ve adopted a Guaranteed Curriculum model for Immediate Immersion.

A Guaranteed Curriculum is what will be taught in a given level without regard to a specific time frame. We believe it’s a much more realistic as it takes actual students into account and allows for teachers to move on when they believe their students are ready and not because a specific date on the calendar has passed.

What themes are covered by Immediate Immersion?

Immediate Immersion™ does not use the thematic model in its curriculum. Instead we’ve adopted prioritizing vocabulary, structures, and culture based on the highest frequency in modern spoken and written language. Many theme-related vocabulary will be presented, but not organized thematically.

How is Immediate Immersion delivered?

Immediate Immersion is a completely digital curriculum. Except for the teacher’s manual, all components will be delivered as Google Docs. This will allow you to not only display and print out* from your computer, but also customize to the needs of your students. The teacher’s manual will be available as a PDF file.

*You may print out the teacher’s manual for your personal use, but may not share it with other teachers. Each teacher must have their own license (discounts available for multiple licenses within the same school/district). Student readings, assessments, and homework may be printed as needed for each student under one teacher license. These may not be shared among students of different teachers. Each teacher must have their own license.

How long does it take to teach each lesson?

Each lesson takes a week to two weeks based on daily classes of 45-60 minutes each.We do not recommend hurrying through the curriculum. Teach at the pace of your students and they will excel.

Does Immediate Immersion have everything I need?

For the most part, yes it does. It contains your teacher’s manual, lesson slides, culture, assessments and listening/reading activities for class or home work.

You will need to purchase or find on YouTube or other sources music (we highly recommend Sr. Wooly for Spanish teachers).We also recommend that you teach two class novels per level. We highly recommend comprehensible readers available at, and

For what ages is Immediate Immersion appropriate?

Immediate Immersion was created with middle and high school in mind. It has been taught from 6th grade through 12th grade.

We do not recommend Immediate Immersion for elementary students.

What grammar is taught in Immediate Immersion?

There are no explicit grammar lessons in Immediate Immersion. Based on research, we know that grammar is best learned in context as students work to understand the meaning of language rather than focus on the form.

Although not taught explicitly, level one focuses on present and past tense, level two continues this focus with differentiated between the preterit and imperfect tenses, and level three moves on to future, conditional, and simple subjunctive.

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