Here are the answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about Immediate Immersion™.


If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please contact us right away!


When will Immediate Immersion™ be released?

Immediate Immersion™ Spanish

Immediate Immersion™ Spanish 1 2016 edition is available now.

Immediate Immersion™ Spanish 2 is undergoing a rewrite and the new 2016 version will be available shortly Purchasing early will allow you to get the update for free.

Immediate Immersion™ Spanish 3 is being released in units and Unit 1 is currently available. We are working on Units 2-4.

Immediate Immersion™ French

Immediate Immersion™ French 1 is currently available.

Immediate Immersion™ French 2 Unit 1 is currently available. Units 2-4 will be available soon.

Immediate Immersion™ French 3 is planned once French 2 is complete.

Is there Immediate Immersion™ French, German, Mandarin, or any other language?

We are currently working on level 1 for both French and German. You can pre-order French 1 or German 1 now with the first 6 of 24 lessons being released in late July. We are also interested in creating Immediate Immersion™ for Mandarin. If you are interested in helping us out with writing stories and assessments for the French, German, or Mandarin versions of Immediate Immersion™, please drop us a line and let us know. We’d love your help!

Will there be an elementary version of Immediate Immersion™?

Yes. We have an elementary version planed. If you’re an elementary teacher, WE NEED YOU!! Please contact us if you’d like to help!

Do you have a scope and sequence?

Not exactly! A scope and sequence not only tells you what will be taught, but also when. We know that students don’t always learn within a specific time frame and so we’ve adopted a Guaranteed Curriculum model for Immediate Immersion™. Read what a Guaranteed Curriculum is and what ours looks like for Spanish 1. Spanish 2, German 1, and French 1 Guaranteed Curricula are coming soon.

What themes are covered in Immediate Immersion™?

Immediate Immersion™ does not use the thematic model in its curriculum. Instead we’ve adopted prioritizing vocabulary, structures, and culture based on the highest frequency in modern spoken and written language. Many theme-related vocabulary will be presented, but not organized thematically.

How is Immediate Immersion™ delivered?

Immediate Immersion™ is a completely digital curriculum. Except for the student-lesson slides, all components will be delivered in the ubiquitous PDF format. This will allow you to not only display and print out* from your computer, but also display on your tablet, your phone, Kindle®, or Nook®. The student-lesson slides will be available in either editable PowerPoint® or Keynote® files.

*You may print out the teacher’s manual for your personal use, but may not share it with other teachers. Each teacher must have their own license (discounts available for multiple licenses within the same school/district). Student readings, assessments, and homework may be printed as needed for each student under one teacher license. These may not be shared among students of different teachers. Each teacher must have their own license.

Can I download a free example?

YES! We have examples of the various components of Immediate Immersion™ available to viewing and downloading here.