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Our Story

Comprehension-based and Assessment Training.

Crushing the Language Game Since '08

This journey, this mission we're on with Immediate Immersion, it didn't just happen overnight. It all kicked off back in '08, but not as you know it today. We were the underdogs, teachforjune Workshops, hustling hard, grinding out training sessions for teachers through workshops, webinars, you name it, we were there.

Then boom, 2013 hit, and we changed the game, launching our Immediate Immersion curriculum in Spanish. Didn't stop there—by 2017, we brought French into the mix because why settle for one when you can dominate in two?

2018 was a milestone, my friends. We didn't just follow the trend; we created it, launching the first-ever, fully online comprehensible-input conference, COMPREHENDED! This wasn't just an event; it was a movement, a statement that we're here to revolutionize the way language is taught.

Here's the bottom line: Immediate Immersion isn't just a company; it's a commitment. A commitment to you, the teachers, to empower you with the tools to bring comprehensible-based instruction into classrooms everywhere. We're not just in the business of language; we're in the business of change, of making a real, tangible difference. And guess what? We're just getting started.

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Mission: Language Revolution

Here's the Deal: Immediate Immersion isn't just playing the game; we're here to FLIP the script on world-language classrooms.

Our mission? It's bold – to utterly TRANSFORM how languages are taught.

We're talking about diving deep with comprehension-based training that hits different, rolling out curricula that breaks the mold, and delivering materials that put students front and center.

We're not just about change; we're about revolutionizing the game. That's what we're here for.

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Setting New Standards in Language Mastery

What do we do at Immediate Immersion?

We're in the trenches, empowering world-language teachers across the globe with the game-changing strategies they need.

We’re not just about providing training; we’re about delivering a comprehension-based and assessment revolution.

And we don’t stop there.

We craft innovative, adaptable, fully customizable, and downright relevant curricula designed to bring the power of comprehensible input right into your classroom.

This isn’t just teaching; it’s about transforming the way languages are learned.

We're here to make a difference, and we're doing it by redefining the norms.

Scott Benedict presenting

Empowering Teachers, Elevating Language Learning.

Happy Comprehensible Input!

Hi, I'm Scott!

I've been riding the wave of teaching for over 20 years, folks. And what gets me up in the morning? Lighting that fire under our middle and high school students, making languages not just something they learn, but something they live.

I'm all in on comprehension-based teaching. Why? Because it's not just about drilling grammar and vocab. It's about sparking that 'aha' moment, that spark in their eyes when it all clicks.

My secret weapon? Comprehensible Input. Picture this as the golden key, the one that cracks the code to fluent, fearless communication.

But, hey, we're not hitting the brakes there. I dive deep into the world of proficiency-based grading, assessments, classroom management, and how to keep those students glued to what's happening.

Since '08, my arena has been in the trenches with teachers and districts, spreading the word of comprehension-based strategies. Hosting workshops, that's where the magic happens. It's a two-way street—I'm learning just as much from those incredible educators as they're picking up from me.

So, who am I? Just another warrior in the teaching game like you, navigating the highs and lows of this awe-inspiring profession, celebrating every win, no matter the size, and always, always hungry to learn more."

That's how we roll, always pushing forward, always evolving. Let's keep making waves together.

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