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University Credits

Get the credit you deserve.

University of the Pacific/Benerd College

Do you need to earn Grad-level credits for re-licensing or salary-advancement?

We got you COVERED!

In cooperation with the University of the Pacific/Benerd College, for just $79 per unit, you can earn graduate-level credits for salary-advancement or re-licensing.

As always, please check with your licensing agency and/or school district for eligibility, acceptability, and requirements!

All you need to do is complete Immediate Immersion Webversity, create a time-log, write a short summary of each class, and turn in your course work along with your certificate of completion.

It's that simple!

For more information and to register, please visit:


Please direct any questions specific to the program to the contact info on that page.

University of the Pacific/Benerd College

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